The Story Behind #lunchwithlorry

The Beginning of the Networking Journey

I began as a shy introvert looking for my next job. Networking was exceedingly painful. It was excruciating slow. I feared it and failure. I constantly thought about quitting as it seemed like my only option until . . .

So I Started My Journey to the Extrovert World

I was dragged kicking and screaming into the Extrovert World. It was a long journey down a road that twisted and turned many times. I had to go backward to go forwards.

My mentors required me to change; failure was not an option.

I fought this until the one day . . .
I decided to be a leader!

I began my networking journey at Miller park after 45 minutes of being frozen. Even with all the ups and downs, there was no going back. I created a brand, buzz, and the courage to use it!

The compounding of connections and time started producing some results. Going to events was something to look forward to instead of the sleepless anxiety-filled night before.

But I would still go to networking events only to get business i. e. the Take.

Networking became a fun, social-oriented activity. We started to observe and write down what worked. One day I realized I got better results when I started Giving to others.

I started having #lunchwithlorry 1-on-1 meetings. Then I started writing Linkedin posts about the person I had lunch with. People saw that and wanted their #lunchwithlorry post.

The #lunchwithlorry in Person Group Phase

The next step was my own large group event. 35 + paid participants signed up to attend and then . . .

COVID19 caused the cancelation of the event.

I froze. My Chief Necessity Officer (CNO) said “what are you waiting for”. I switched to a monthly virtual zoom #lunchwithlorry event and then . . .


Panic and a New Focus on Online Networking

I panicked as no one signed up!  I did another marketing effort – sending emails and posting on LinkedIn – and it sold out! With an added bonus:

The switch to virtual networking now meant we could network with the whole world.

Creating a How to Network Course

Then my Chief Necessity Officer (CNO) asked when I was going to create an online how-to-network course.

One Sunday afternoon I sat down and started writing. I presented parts of it to a group of people looking for jobs many of whom were introverts. The positive feedback from that event led me to hire a course creator.

The Supercharged Networking. Build Relationships First and Business Will Follow course is now for sale.




Lorry Rifkin grew up in Chicago until he was “exiled” to Milwaukee where he raised three boys and one girl with his beautiful wife, Michele.

He has nearly 40 years of general business experience. His expertise ranges from accounting, operations, sales, and marketing as an owner and employee.

He is a generalist in approach and thought process, a critical thinker, and an agent of change. He has the vision to provide the details to for building a reality that does not yet exist, and the management skills to staff, train, and write the operating procedures for success. Then he slowly backs out of the assignment.

He tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

As an introvert, he has learned the hard way, by trial and error, how to succeed in an “extrovert’s world.” With the launch of #lunchwithlorry, he is now helping others with his mentoring, branding, and networking training company.