Supercharged Networking Boot Camp

Key concepts from my course

The bootcamp is 2 hours of action-packed examples and exercises on:

  • Networking basics,
  • Mindset needed for success,
  • Connection scripts, icebreaker questions, and LinkedIn networking strategies and tips.
  • Definitions of what networking success looks like.

The bootcamp is a selection from these course modules:

Module 1: Understanding Networking So You Start Strong

Module 2: Starting Your Networking Journey

Module 3: Accelerate Your Networking to Achieve Success

Module 4: Keeping It Going

#lunchwithlorry Networking Skills Boot Camp

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Supercharge your networking journey by boosting your networking skills in 2 hours.

Get the best tips, tricks, and strategies that took me over 40 years to learn.

You will leave with improved tools to find:

  • More business
  • Your dream job
  • Trustworthy vendors and advisors
  • Superstar employees
  • New friends
  • Status as a subject matter expert

We teach you how to increase your Key Performance Indcators’s (KPI’s) of sucess. That is quality  1-on-1 meetings with the people who will change your life.



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