Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn to network?

To meet people with similar interests and those who can help you in life, and to find friends, vendors for your business, your next career opportunity, and potential customers.

I am an introvert and scared to death of networking can I be successful?

I am introverted and successful beyond my wildest dreams. I had to learn the networking secrets over 40 years and countless failures. Slowly I started figuring out the tips and tricks that made me the networking influencer I am today.

You make it sound so easy to learn networking?

In reality most people will fail at networking because they do not understand how it works. Once you understand it it gets easier because you know what to expect. Success still takes hard work and a dose of luck.

Why does networking take so long to yield success?

It goes back to the mathematics of networking and how the time part of the function works. Exponential functions like networking need time to compound the connections for success to happen. It takes time for this critical point to develop, and it cannot be rushed.

How will I know my networking efforts are working?

We teach you the most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of future success and give you a goal to measure your results against.

Everything you teach is the opposite of what I have been taught?

That is correct. Ask yourself this: How successful were you networking the old way?

If I need a job or business now, why do I still have to Give first?

If you lead with a Take (you want something) from your network, you are violating the science behind networking and odds are you will fail because you are draining energy from your network, not adding energy in by giving.

How much time must I devote to my networking efforts to be successful?

More than you think! Networking is a job in itself. The key is to make it a habit and an integral, fun part of your lifestyle. When you look forward to networking, you will realize it is no longer just a time consuming chore.

If I follow and use everything you teach what can I expect?

Success in getting your Take or multiple ones, a key client, your dream job, great vendors, acknowledgement as a subject matter expert, and lots of new friends.

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