What People Say About Lorry

The testimonials of those who have experienced #lunchwithlorry virtual events are why I do this!

Our customers say the virtual #lunchwithlorry events are:

  • The most interesting and productive networking events they have ever attended.
  • The cure for #zoomfatigue.
  • The key to building real relationships that lead to jobs, business friends, and social media followers.

“Learn about people on the front end and business will come on the back end.”


As a seasoned professional, I was catapulted into Job Search after a corporate restructuring. I had NO idea how critical networking was to finding a new job. I met Lorry through a professional networking group and he inspired me with his “quick tips” and friendly approach to networking. I gained further confidence with the networking skill by attending his July 2020 “Lunch with Lorry”. I was able to grow my network quickly and found common connections with ease. Most importantly, I learned the importance of Networking ALL the time. I will never again make the mistake of “waiting” until I was in Job Search mode to build, foster and maintain a strong network. I highly recommend you connect with Lorry! Whether you are a networking pro or brand new to the strategy, you will find benefit in Lorry’s sessions and will gain valuable insight to keep your network strong.

Mary Arthur

Operations | Project Management | Process Improvement | Logistics | Risk Mitigation | Strategic Planning | Mentor | Budgeting | Communication | Team Leadership & Development | Critical Thinking | Problem Solving

I connected with Lorry through a networking group, and I found his advice incredibly helpful. I am new to networking after being at the same company for eight years, and am still learning! He has taught me to use my knowledge and experience to help others during my networking journey. I look forward to attending a #lunchwithlorry soon and continuing to learn from him.

Ayla Yundem

Communications Professional | Writer | Digital Marketing & Social Media

I highly recommend #lunchwithlorry and Lorry Rifkin in general! He is a true gem and what networking should really be about. His unwavering support of people, getting to know them and championing what each individual stands for, is contagious! Lorry gets people talking and inspires unlikely connections to keep the conversations going even after “lunch” is over! The world needs more Lorry and people like him. I cannot recommend #lunchwithlorry enough- virtually – or anyway you can get it.

Melissa Braaten-Krueger

Plant Manager | I Lead & Influence Exceptional People | Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing Operations | Leader & Coach

As a long-time proponent of professional and personal networking, I am always looking for ways to meet more people and help them in any way I can. I met Lorry though another networking platform and was pleasantly surprised by his solid approach to networking. Lorry introduced me to “Lunch with Lorry” which has a fantastic approach to understanding the people you meet, significantly dropping the “trust” concern and accelerating the familiarity timeline. He has created a fantastic venue and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their networking along with associated results.

Jonathan Harris

Helping organizations use technology to achieve desired results

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